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Boarding bridges

Rolhekken – Rolluiken – Roldeuren

In close cooperation with J.A. Mansergas we developed a special closing system for Passengers Boarding Bridges on Airports all over the world.

In operating these bridges there is full visibility in all directions. Traditional models show rust areas and damages that cause them not to be perfectly transparant.

The Polivision shutters are produced with extruded aluminium profiles natural anodised. We only use modern materials of high quality. The visibility is realised with transparant pieces from polycarbonate with “hard coat” treatment. The casted nylon is made from POM Hostaform with high resistance to kerosene and friction.

Our solution, the Polivision Transparent Safety Shutters, for more visibility and light into the Bridgehead has satisfactory passed the M50 impact test as stated in NF P08-301 by Bureau Veritas.

Special Rotunda shutters are also available.

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Brochure: Airport Boarding Bridges
Brochure: Vision Line folder

Bridgehead curtains

On both sides of the bridgehead is a wall, which is made from polivision. With this a good visibility is guaranteed. The bridgehead can turn on to come in good position to the airplane. By turning the bridgehead a ro
llerspring system rewind the shutter.

Front side shutter

29 front shutterThe opening on the front side of the bridgehead is realised with a special polivision security shutter. The shutter self is make with hols on each side inside the U-gide and a special puls-counter. The shutter is connected with a PLC computer system that controlls the opening and closing of the shutter.


30 rotundaIn the middle of the boarding bridge is a “Rotunda”. With this turning point the bridge can move in different directions and place the bridgehead in good position to the airplane. The Rotunda has on both sides a wall which is made from a special rollershutter as well.


31 PTA 1Special for Cruise ships in Amsterdam there are boarding bridges for passengers made. In the two turning point are special rollershutters installed. In the front also with visibility.

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